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Easily make custom maps for your data visualization or design project.

Colore is a robust, online mapping tool with best-in-class features. We provide thousands outline maps, storage space and enable you present data and ideas in your own unique style.

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We like to think the only option to create more complex data visualization maps is to use a programming library.

  • Visualization Type: Diverging Color Scheme
  • Sample Map: US Population Age +18 ratio, by State - 2014

Everyone needs a beautiful map design.

Designers, Data Journalists, Researchers, Business analysts users and even enthusiasts all of the world use


Are you using stock map images for your infographics or design project? Why not make your own unique maps for free!

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Data Journalists

Create your newsroom storytelling maps online, with options for incorporating data, charts, graphics and text.

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Business Analysts

Use Colore for its Location Intelligence (LI) tools capabilities to relate geographic contexts to critical business data.

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I'd been searching for DAYS for an application like this and had just about given up before making one last attempt. The map is now perfect. My report is looking very professional, thanks to colore maps.— Research Manager, Jamaica

People need to see data in order to understand it, and you know it.

Visuals can reveal patterns, trends, changes, and correlations. has all you'll need to create powerful map visualizations.

Display visual analytics with maps

Visually compare map areas for your location-based data using choropleth mapping. enables information analysts and researchers to create presentations that combine statistics and map data to improve data visualization, enhance communication, and engage people in more informed decision or policy making.
Colore was designed to allow users display data over up to four map layers, to analyze spatial relationships. We believe visually presenting information can enable effective interpretations that would not be possible by looking only at spreadsheets and raw data.

Save your work on the cloud and share

Managing data visualization projects require a lot of resources. Offload all the work to our specialized infrastructure and save time.
Colore was designed to help you lower your operational expenses by taking care of storing your mapping projects and make them accessible to either the general public or kept for internal data reporting purposes, saving you bandwidth and storage and reducing your project duration by reusing map work designs and valuable location data sets. Our PRO fees are miniscule compared to the savings we will help you achieve.

Use your data sets directly from Excel

Are you using Microsoft Office Access or Excel to manage your data? Get it loaded faster with copy-and-paste right away in to your data visualization project. Our editor's data visualization tools allow you to upload your location data sets from a spreadsheet. What-if analysis thematic maps can be produced on-the-fly when you reuse your map designs combined with refined data sets. Use Colore online to analyze your tabular data in depth!

There is nothing to download or install

This means you can create your data visualization maps virtually anywhere - your desktop, laptop or even on your home iPad - in your favorite browser. Our mapping tool allows you to preview, print and save the map as you go along. The map remains safe in the Colore cloud and you can access and edit it online anytime later, or use it as a template for your next projects.

Create beautiful map images

User experience is all about innovative design. Taking a screenshot of Google maps does not look good on your design. A visually pleasing visualization will make your audience interested in your story and wanting to hear more. Happier readers will refer your presentation and pass along the information you discovered when you analyzed your data points on a heatmap. Colore will let you do this in a variety of brilliant eye-catching ways to help create a visualization that perfectly illustrates your written text.

Save money on expensive software licences and publish your map visualizations online.

37,000 Outline Maps, Data Visualization PRO Features, IP & ZIP and Locations plotting.

Colore at a glance.

Eleven reasons why you don't need to look any further than

High quality Outline Maps

We have world, continents, countries and states/provinces/regions - administrative units level 2 maps, from all over the world.

Data Visualization Tools

Communicate complex ideas simply by generating beautiful visualization from your data with interactive drag and drop interface.

Geocoding of IP and ZIP codes

Plot million points by loading spreadsheets with IP addresses, ZIP codes, Cities or geographic coordinates.

Watermark free Map Images

When your map design is ready Colore will generate an incredible high quality PNG image for you to use in any media.

Free Fonts and icons

Use Colore's free icons or upload your favorite icons and choose the right fonts and colors to express your style and creativity.

Embed Images, Shapes and Text

Create a stunning visual content by embedding images, drawings, shapes and Text with drag-and-drop functionality.

Image Resizing & Cropping

Want to have your map images resized to fit your design? offers you several methods for resizing and cropping.

Cloud storage

Save your map work on the Colore cloud so you can access and edit it from anywhere, fork or embed on your blog or web site.

Private maps

When you save your work on Colore cloud, all your PRO maps remain private, unless you choose to share them.

Keep your data secret

You can choose to print your maps directly from the Colore editor, so your data never leaves your personal computing device.

Great User Support

Get responsive and friendly customer support. No auto-responses or bots. We'll help you find solutions to your problems.

You discovered the fastest, easiest way to make data maps! Now all there's left is to pick a plan and start mapping your data. See Plans and Pricing