Data Visualization Mapping Tool

Easily create maps for your data analysis or design project.

Just starting out in visualising your data? Looking for something simple to use? Colore online visual map editor allows you to create quick and detailed maps, to express data in a geographic context, for financial location intelligence, journalism storytelling, education or science projects, or anything that needs visualising for graphic effect.

Start Mapping Online

colore maps online editor

Colore is an online visual map editor and a platform to share and manage your map creations

Use Colore to create your own unique map designs to illustrate data and information for your website, newsroom, business or research project.

It allows you to simply upload datasets and visualise them by choosing one of these map types: pushpin or markers map, multiple or graduated symbol map, shaded area or choropleth map, size or shaded circle map, pie chart map, column chart map, bubble map and dot or density map.

Data journalists can use Colore as an alternative to Google maps or desktop mapping software, allowing them create a more aesthetically pleasing storytelling map, with more options for incorporating data and graphics, without using advanced computer skills.

Business users can use Colore for its Location intelligence (LI) + Business intelligence (BI) tools capabilities to relate geographic contexts to business data, to quickly discover actionable insights from visualizations.

To use Colore, you do not need to learn to code to visualize your data. With just a few clicks, you can easily select an outline map from our collection, load your location data and then apply your design style to make it look great.

When your design is finalized, download it as an image file (no watermarks) to use in any digital media or for printing, or embed it on your website while being hosted on colore cloud, so you can make further edits in the online editor.

For PRO users we offer paid plans with increased limits and advanced features.
For Business we offer assistance in creating custom visualization data maps off-line, and API access to our drawing engine for real time visual data analysis.

Colore has all you'll need to create powerful map visualizations.

Create beautiful map images with Your Location data + Colore's amazing features

  • Showing small US map in Lambert projection - for create data maps with analytics feature

    Display visual analytics

    through geographic maps

  • Showing Excel spreadsheet file icon - for copy and paste data set feature

    Use your data sets

    directly from Excel spreadsheets

  • Showing cloud icon - for save data maps on cloud, share on social media

    Save your work on the cloud

    or share on social media