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About Colore Maps

A simple visual editor and a platform to share and manage your map creations

Use Colore Maps to create your own unique map to illustrate data and information for your business or research project or anything that needs visualising for graphic effect.

You do not need to learn to code to visualize your data. With just a few clicks, you can easily select an outline map from our collection, load your location data and then apply your design style to make it look great.

When your design is finalized, download it as an image file to use in any digital media or for printing, or embed it on your website while being hosted on colore cloud so you can make further edits in the online editor.

For PRO users we offer paid plans with advanced features, from live presentations and scheduled data updates to uploading your own private outline maps.

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What you can do with Colore Maps editor

Discover a few map examples created with Colore Maps. The Colore Maps editor makes it easy to create personalized visualization maps with your own data in just a few clicks.

Infographics and map illustrations

Create high quality visualisations by plotting your data on a geographic map using gradients or pinpoints and markers.

Education, learning

Visualizations in the form of colorful maps, charts, drawings and pictures can help students understand complex information.

Business decisions, marketing

Combine geographic and location related data with demographic or lifestyle data based on where people live, to aid in customer profiling, segmentation and prospecting efforts, and in trade area and competitive analysis applications.

Research projects

Categorize geographic areas by population, facts or events to get relevant insights.

Data Journalism

Tell a complex story through engaging infographics using data visualization maps.